We champion the spirit of women across diverse backgrounds, encouraging them to embrace their potential and challenge the norms in the investment industry. Our vision is to foster an inclusive future where everyone, regardless of background, has an equal place at the table. Let's rewrite the rules together.
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A Partnership that Speaks Volumes

"There's definitely a significant added value in joining forces with an exceptional platform like Playbook. This collaboration will bring manifold benefits to Women Spark, enhancing the knowledge and know-how of our founders and investors. It provides them with access to valuable insights into financial acumen, board membership, expanding investments, and creating investment theses, among others. This partnership will also facilitate the expansion of our network, create opportunities for mentorship, and enhance the diversity of women globally—from China and Singapore to the US and Canada. Together, Playbook and Women Spark will serve as a gateway, enabling women worldwide to invest in the region and foster the growth of women-founded ventures."

Deemah AlYahya
Founder of Women Spark
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Angel Investor Membership
Unlock the Potential of Smart Capital.
Are you ready to join a network of accomplished women making waves in the investment world? With an Angel Investment Membership at Women Spark, you gain exclusive access to premium resources that will hone your investing skills, deepen your market understanding, and connect you with like-minded professionals.
Your membership opens doors to:
Investment Opportunities, Private Investor Network, Monthly Curated Workshops, Mentorship and Networking, Bespoke Advisory Session and More!
Investment Opportunities
Private Investor Network
Monthly Curated Workshops
Mentorship and Networking
Bespoke Advisory Session and More!
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Female Founder Club
Unlock the Gateway to Growth and Visibility.
Embrace the full power of connection and opportunity with Women Spark's Female Founder Membership, designed for the innovator who seeks more than just the status quo:
Demo Day Participation
Year-Round-In-Person and Virtual Events
Strategic Networking
Founder Community Lounge
Startup Marketplace Exposure
Founder Visibility Boost and more!
Direct Funding Application
In a world where less than 2% of VC funding historically goes to women, we're in the business of breaking barriers and rewriting the narrative. Our Direct Funding Application is your opportunity to pitch to our network of angel investors and propel your business forward. While our primary focus is on startups with female-majority leadership or ownership, we embrace diversity and inclusivity.
We welcome innovative ventures led by dynamic teams - if at least half of your founding team (co-founders) are women, we encourage you to apply.
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Playbook Founders Membership

You’re a female founder, actively working on your startup and ready to access investors, mentorship, and high-profile events for funding opportunities
All Playbook benefits mentioned above 
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Global Flagship Event Access
Founder Community Lounge Access
Targeted Networking at Demo Days
Startup Marketplace Exposure
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Angel Investor Membership

$945per month
Priority Demo Day Access (4x/year)
Exclusive Investor Lounge channel
Monthly Curated Workshops (12x/year)
Personal Mandate Advisory Session
Investor Membership Certificate
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Female Founder Club

$475per month
Demo Day Participation
Founder Community Lounge
Calendar Events
Startup Marketplace Exposure
Strategic Networking
Founder Visibility Boost
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