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A platform born out of a journey that began as a ticket summit and convention for women leaders

Attracting an incredible gathering of 6000 attendees, including over 200 speaker sessions and 50 esteemed corporate partners

Meet our founders

Our goal

To connect and uplift women globally, transcending borders and expanding our impact across the professional domain.

Our journey

Unwaveringly determined, we drive transformative global change by pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence.

Our vision

Scaling worldwide, uniting solutions, opportunities, development, and support for every woman.

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The mission and awards

In an extraordinary first year of operation, Playbook achieved not only transformative impact but also garnered recognition by receiving 5 prestigious awards. These accolades affirm our commitment to empowering women professionals and underscore the significance of the community, shared experiences, and valuable content that define our platform.

Our mission is unwavering: to provide a dynamic and inclusive ecosystem where women can flourish, learn, and connect.
We believe in the extraordinary power of shared experiences, fostering an environment where the journeys of women from diverse backgrounds intertwine to catalyze growth and success.

Our Values

At Playbook, our core values define the essence of who we are and guide our every action.

Impact and Purpose

We are dedicated to making a lasting difference in the lives of women professionals. Our purpose is to uplift and ensure that every interaction, content, and connection leads to meaningful outcomes. We measure success by the tangible impact we create in their careers and journeys.

Going All the Way and Being All In

We believe in dedication and perseverance. Our unwavering commitment drives us to go the extra mile. We embrace challenges, push boundaries, and relentlessly pursue excellence. We are not just starters; we are finishers, committed to achieving remarkable results by seeing projects through to completion.

Problem Solving and Adding Value

We approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset, seeing them as opportunities to innovate. Our goal is to add value at every step of the journey by offering practical solutions, insights, and expertise. Together, we contribute to the growth and success of our community.


Raised by 500 Global, Faith Capital, Sanabil Investments, Women Spark, and more!

Our investors share Playbook's values and vision, with a strong affinity for edtech and a passion for positive impact. They embrace the transformative power of edtech in education and professional development, while supporting female founders.

Muna Al Hashemi
Former CEO of Batelco Bahrain and Group Deputy CEO. Board member, Fintech Committee (SCW).
Amal Dokhan
General Partner, 500 Global. Former CEO, Global Entrepreneurship Network Saudi.
Mohammed Jaffar
Deputy Chairman & CEO, Faith Capital Holding. Former CEO of Talabat before he sold it for $170 million.
Courtney Powell
COO and Managing Director of 500 Global. FormerCEO of Real HQ.
Deemah Al-Yahya
Secretary General, Digital Cooperation Organization, KSA. Founder and CEO, Women Spark.
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members to INVESTORS

Members Turned Investors: Unleashing Collective Power to Drive Playbook's Impact and Fuel Growth!

In our dynamic Playbook community, a remarkable transformation has occurred as dedicated members transitioned from active participants to valued investors, highlighting the profound impact Playbook has on shaping professional trajectories.
In our Playbook community, members turned investors exemplify our platform's transformative power and sense of community, creating a cycle of support and shared aspirations that drive growth and impact.

Vera Futorjanski

Founder & CEO, Veritas Ventures by VF

Basma Bushnak

CEO, Emkan Education

Emon Shakoor

Founder & CEO, Blossom Accelerator

Principal Program Coordinator

Vera Futorjanski
Muna AlHashemi

Principal Program Coordinator

Nada AlHarthi

Chief of Staff, The Family Office Company BSC (c)

Nessrine Salah

Managing Partner, Boyden

Nora Al Okail

Founder, The Happiness Factory

Rajul Kadakia

Co-Founder & CEO, Tech Girl

Rawan Baddour

Co-Founder, Zest Equity

Suman Ali Sayed

Principal Program Coordinator

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Embracing Diversity, Driving Change: Our Commitment to Inclusion

At Playbook, diversity and inclusion are our core values. We celebrate the unique experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives of our community members. We are committed to creating an environment where every woman feels seen, heard, and valued, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, or any other dimension of diversity.

Embracing and celebrating differences drives innovation, collaboration, and empowerment at Playbook. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is ingrained in our core values, shaping a more equitable and supportive professional landscape for all.

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Redefining EdTech - Making Waves in the Global Press!

Playbook's remarkable journey and innovative approach have gained widespread recognition in the press. Media outlets have highlighted our commitment to diversity, transformative experiences, and facilitating global connections. We are proud to inspire change and reshape the edtech landscape on a global stage.

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