Frequently Asked

We’re here to make your learning journey smooth and reduce all the noise. It’s as inclusive and welcoming an environment as can be! Growing and learning should not be intimidating. 

We believe in all that we do and share on Playbook and would like you to feel the same too.  

We encourage you to connect with us and other members in the Playbook Community as we have a supportive culture of helping new members get onboarded.
When will Playbook launch?

We’re accepting early bird registrations. We look forward to welcoming you to the PLAYBOOK ACADEMY and engaging with you in The Campus.

What do our Membership Plans include?
How to become a Member of Playbook?
What are Playbook Masterclasses?
What is the Playbook Community?

Playbook Community is our exclusive online community especially for members of PLAYBOOK. You receive the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals in your career, business, industry etc. The community is a curated experience with access to perks, live events, additional guidance, crowd-sourced solutions, resource support, well-being content and so much more! At Playbook Community you’ll also have the opportunity to reflect on your learnings from the masterclasses content and any special opportunities being curated for you to redefine your career progression possibilities.

How much does it cost to Get PLAYBOOK?

We wanted to make PLAYBOOK accessible, and value driven. For 180$ Annually, you gain yearly access to all our amazing masterclasses led by inspirational change-makers and role models, monthly perks, any of our future updates, as well as exclusive access to our members-only online community of entrepreneurs and career professionals that has several valuable content and support systems.

Can I subscribe to PLAYBOOK at any time in the year?

Yes you can definitely join us at any time in the year but the earlier the better as you familiarize yourself with the members and build a clear understanding as we grow together. Any live events and sessions held on The Campus would be missed but we will be saving the recordings on the Community for ease of access and backtracking. The beauty of joining the live sessions though is engaging in real-time. So don’t miss out! If we can help you in clarifying your doubts in making the decision to join us– let us know and we’d be happy to connect with you!

How does PLAYBOOK work?

For starters, you would need to become a subscriber and would be given special access to the Playbook Masterclasses. With every subscription we Pay it Forward which means that you’re gifting a girl or woman from an underprivileged society access to the platform to learn and grow as well!
You can gain inspiration and advice from a vetted and trusted selection of influential women that have achieved success on their own terms and shattered glass ceilings in their respective fields. We release new masterclasses each month. Simultaneously, you gain access to our powerful membership community.
Learn on the go and at your own pace with a holistic learning experience that adds value to your mental, physical and emotional well-being curated especially for you and other women, reflective of your pain points. Within the community you have access to workshops, live events, exclusive perks, accountability partners, resource support, additional coaching avenues, job boards and so much more.
We’re here to work with you to shift the narrative and build a global community of connected women that can network their way to leadership positions and own them effectively. Thereby we pave way for a future with a shorter gender parity gap. 

How long is each Class?

You can take the class at your own pace, as you have access to all the content alongside the community (inclusive of any updates) from the commencement of your membership journey with us. The class is usually 3 Hours at most and broken down into shorter lessons.

What if I have questions or want to dive deeper into a subject discussed in a masterclass?

Music to our ears! We built our exclusive online community just for our members. Ask questions, seek support/advice/opinions from other members, engage with forums and make the most of the resources and further reading recommended in the Playbook Community.

Is PLAYBOOK only for Entrepreneurs/ Founders/ Business Owners?

Not at all whether you’re a student, career professional, in-between jobs, undecided, just starting out or a seasoned business owner – PLAYBOOK is for you! Everything being discussed is set with the aim of providing you with the most holistic toolkit to help you become confident, climb to the upper echelons of whatever you define as success, create impact, and inspire change. Our biggest underlying theme is to Pay it Forward. You could make a difference by helping others and vice-versa!

Is PLAYBOOK only for Career Professionals?

Not at all whether you’re a student, career professional, in-between jobs, undecided, just starting out or a seasoned business owner – PLAYBOOK is for you! Everything being discussed is set with the aim of providing you with the most holistic toolkit to help you become confident, climb to the upper echelons of whatever you define as success, create impact, and inspire change. Our biggest underlying theme is to Pay it Forward. You could make a difference by helping others and vice-versa!

Is PLAYBOOK’s content available in languages other than English?

We have a diverse community of students and are scaling globally to an international audience. Therefore, we are presently primarily offering all content and resources of engagement in English. However, there will be some exceptions made to have masterclass content in Arabic and some of live events. Over time we hope to assess our members’ needs and wants to grow our content linguistic diversity.

Are the learning resources market specific?

Most of the learning resources and class content can be applied to any market. However our classes focus on real-world experiences through the power of storytelling therefore it is important for viewers to assess the applicability to your scenario. Most of what is shared comes from a perspective of several years of experience and implemented strategies that have proved successful. Nonetheless, the Community is a great space to further discuss concepts, approaches and seek out further advice.
Also our course content will continue to expand and grow across different countries, regions and markets over time. We are presently engaged with the MENA audience in the first phase of our launch.

How do I know if PLAYBOOK is right for me?

Here’s some counter-questions.
Are you a continuous learner?
Do you want to grow in your career?
Do you want to scale/grow your business?
Do you want to connect with like-minded individuals?
Are you seeking guidance/support/coaching/mentoring to help you achieve your goals?
Are you confused about what path to set upon for yourself in your career?
Are you trying to make a career shift?
Do you want to support women to get into leadership positions and be a part of a global professional learning network?
If the answer is Yes to any of these then PLAYBOOK is for you!
Just be ready to invest in your own growth and apply what you learn to see results. It’s a fun and committed process – but it’s something you get to do for yourself for a change to take care of your present and your future while seeking financial independence and career fulfilment.

I’m in real estate/ construction/ family business/ retail/ medicine… Will any of the content be for me?

Yes through and through! The diversity of content will continue to expand as we grow and we engage with women from different industries that have value to share with each of you regardless of the industry you find yourself to be in. We are a Professional Learning Network and we’re inviting you to expand your reach and connections through our platform to broaden your possibilities of success.

Who is the team behind PLAYBOOK?

PLAYBOOK is founded by 3 enterprising women who are determined to redefine career progression for women globally and bridge the gender equality gap – Wafa AlObaidat (Founder & CEO), Shreya Rammohan (Co-Founder & CMO) and Ismahan Al Saad (Co-Founder & COO). They lead a team of driven and ambitious individuals who bring all this amazing content to life!

Is there a Refund Policy?

We’re committed towards making your experience valuable and ensuring that the platform serves you to achieve your goals. So, we’d be keen to hear from you if you’re considering canceling your subscription. Feel free to reach out to us on and we’ll be in touch to discuss your challenges!
If we are unable to sway your decision, you can cancel by contacting Support at or by going to Settings in your account, selecting Cancel within the account settings and then following the onscreen instructions to continue and cancel subscription.
Payments are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods. You may cancel a Recurring Subscription at any time, but if you cancel your subscription before the end of the current subscription period, you will continue to have access to the service through the end of your current subscription period. 

Are there any discounts or scholarships that I can apply for to gain access to PLAYBOOK?

We make seasonal announcements on our social pages and to our existing members to refer friends and family. Also, our Master’s have special affiliate links that they’ll continue to so keep an eye out for them!
We do offer PLAYBOOK ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIPS to underrepresented and marginalized communities through our affiliates. Each paid subscription, Founding Member sign-up and Master enrollment equates to scholarships/free class passes to access all our content. If you would like to be considered for it please email us on

How can I be a master?

Great question! Access towards becoming a Master is by invitation-only primarily. However, our Strategic Selection Committee does make exceptions by reviewing applicants that have become a Founding Member and have a comprehensive background towards being a subject matter expert in their field. Applications can be shared with as a Founding Member.

What is a Founding Member?
How can I become a Founding Member?

You can become a Founding Member of PLAYBOOK for a one-time investment of $500/- Founding Members get lifelong access to the PLAYBOOK platform, an official certificate, a LinkedIn testimonial acknowledging how your support has created measurable impact as you have 20 scholarships allocated in your name to women from undeserved communities through our NGO affiliation. Becoming a Founding Member is simple - visit our Founding Member page located on the footer of our Website.

How can I (company/ institution/ association/ platform) partner with PLAYBOOK?

Visit our Partners Page to learn more about our partnerships. We have 3 tiers of partnerships that can be explored. Custom proposals can be drawn up in discussion with our team. Connect with us through the access forms on our partnerships page.

Have any additional questions that we haven’t covered?

We’d love to help you out!

Email us at