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Why a Community Raise?

Only 2% of global venture capital went to women-led enterprises in 2021 (Source: Bloomberg).

Women-led start-ups deliver on average higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested (Source: BCG).

In 2021, $3 billion was raised by startups in MENA—but less than 1% of that went to women-led startups (Source: Wamda).

In MENA, only 25% of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms have a gender balanced portfolio (Source: IFC).
Why invest in Playbook?

Beautiful Analytics to Grow Smarter Investor in Playbook: Ignite the Future of Women's Leadership and Secure Your Success!

Diverse Women Leaders

By investing in Playbook, you're directly supporting the acceleration of women leaders worldwide. Together, we can break down barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create a more inclusive and diverse leadership landscape.

Comprehensive Toolkit

As an investor, you gain access to our comprehensive toolkit for women leaders. This means you can tap into a wealth of resources, from masterclasses and workshops to mentoring sessions and exclusive events. You'll have firsthand access to the tools that empower women to reach their full potential.

Expanding Network

Join our community of like-minded investors who are passionate about driving change and championing women in leadership. Collaborate with influential individuals, exchange ideas, and leverage the power of collective expertise to shape the future of leadership.

Strategic Influence

Your investment in Playbook gives you a voice and influence in shaping our strategic direction. Together, we can steer the company towards innovative initiatives, forge strategic partnerships, and amplify our impact on women's leadership globally.

Financial Growth

As an investor, you have the opportunity to reap the financial rewards of supporting a groundbreaking company. With Playbook's commitment to innovation, growth, and strategic positioning, your investment has the potential for substantial long-term returns.

Inclusive Leadership Ecosystem

As an investor in Playbook, you become an integral part of an inclusive leadership ecosystem. This interconnected network fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship opportunities, creating a supportive environment where leaders thrive and succeed. Join us in cultivating a vibrant community that empowers women leaders and drives meaningful change on a global scale.
Investor Success Stories

Gain Insights from our Esteemed Investors as they share their positive experiences, highlighting the value they have found in our Company and the returns they have enjoyed

"I'm absolutely delighted to be an investor in Playbook and to be part of a company that truly grasps the significance of diversity and inclusivity. What distinguishes Playbook is their exceptional dedication to supporting women in the realms of business and entrepreneurship. Playbook's distinctive business model goes beyond mere profit; it's about creating a meaningful and all-encompassing impact. Through mentoring and networking opportunities, Playbook actively cultivates an environment where women in business can prosper. It represents more than just a financial investment; it signifies an investment in gender equality and diversity. With Playbook, the future is not just promising; it's inspiring."
"I'm proud to be an early investor in Playbook and excited to see the true impact they will make in coming years. I'm confident Playbook will continue growing rapidly while making education and scholarships far more accessible to women and girls who need it most.In just a short period of time, Playbook has already helped provide thousands of girls and women with the tools, resources and financial assistance needed to further their career aspirations. Their tech-enabled platform breaks down traditional barriers to higher learning, while their mentorship programs empower women to succeed in fields where they remain underrepresented."
"I am proud to be both an employee and an investor in Playbook. From the very beginning, I have been deeply inspired by Playbook's vision and mission to empower women globally. As an employee, I've had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the dedication, passion, and innovation that the Playbook team brings to the table every day.Investing in Playbook is not just a financial decision for me; it's a belief in the transformative power of their platform. I wholeheartedly support their commitment to providing women with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers and businesses. Playbook's impact on the professional growth of women is undeniable, and I am excited to be part of it.”
"As a Culinarian, I have witnessed the incredible talent & potential that women possess in the Culinary, Hospitality & Tourism Industry. For me to Switch Gears & become an Investor in the Playbook App aligns with the same Vision to not just Empower Women but to give them the tools & skills to excel & successfully lead.The future certainly is bright, but we have to collectively work together to achieve statistical growth. There is a significant Gender Gap alone in the Food & Beverage Industry that must be bridged.Playbook app, being a career growth accelerator for women, is not just an investment for me; it's a mission.I believe the power of mentorship, resources & Opportunities that Playbook App brings to the forefront is a example in itself."

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