Rana Salam

Explores Graphic Design & Creative Expression

This class leads you through the Playbook of Rana Salam as she explores Graphic Design & Creative Expression. She gives insight on how to stand out as a graphic designer, source clients, and negotiate with them.

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Rana Salam

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3 hrs 29 min (15 lessons)

Rana Salam’s journey began after leaving Beirut during the civil war to pursue her BA in Graphic Design at Central St. Martins and has since become a well-established Graphic Designer in the GCC and globally. She worked with renowned brands like Harvey Nichols and Liberty of London while being featured in prestigious magazines like Harper's Bazaar.
Through her captivating designs, she shows the power of cultural expression through her signature style by mixing pattern, color, and image to evoke emotions and capture the viewer's attention.

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Meet Rana Salem


This masterclass leads you through the PLAYBOOK  of Rana Salam as she explores Graphic Design & Creative Expression. The London bred Beirut born designer understands how to seamlessly combine art and design, generating some of the most amazing projects for her clientele. Her trademark style draws inspiration from nostalgic Arab popular culture and merges it with the latest digital technology resulting into a contemporary vision. This class will provide insights into creating and managing a design business, from the art of negotiating to producing unique ideas for success!

1- The Wow and Wonderful World of Rana Salam


Rana takes us on a flashback through her phenomenal career as a graphic designer and visionary who brought Arab culture to her visual artistic communication. We deep dive into Rana’s journey to understand the various pivots that took her towards establishing the most well known design agencies studio and working with brands that include Harvey Nichols, Villa Moda, Liberty of London, Converse, the V&A and Paul Smith and much more.  

2- Finding The Creative Genius Within You  


Creativity is all about how you see things. Rana talks about learning to embrace your creative side and how to express yourself in different ways from clubbing to ridding a Vespa!

3- Design Basics: The Artistic Language of Pattern & Pricing


In this lesson, Rana walks us through the fundamentals of great design, starting with Patterns. Every shape, single or repetitive can make a significant difference in defining the overall aesthetic of your design. Through this lesson, you will understand the nuances of defining the personality of your brand through the design style of your custom pattern. Rana will also share with you some tips when it comes to pricing and how sometimes charging by value is far more effective than charging by the hour.

4- Mastering Color in Graphic Design


Building an emotional connection with your audience or your brand/ audience starts with choices you make in color. In this lesson, Rana talks about her own ‘color theory’ and how to make the right choices in line with the style you like to communicate with your audiences.

5- The Power of Nostalgia


Design has the ability to present nostalgia in different forms. Rana discusses how she incorporates nostalgia presenting visuals that give off a sense of security, significance, and belonging while delivering contemporary reinterpretations through vintage elements, retro concepts, cultural icons and much more. This incorporation has defined a renowned style that brought Arab pop to a global audience.

6- Evolution Of The Design Industry Across - the Arab World, UK, US


Rana walks through the changes she has observed in the design industry from the time she started her career to present day. She further discusses what challenges designers need to rise up to address the world’s design needs.

7- Creative Expression, Imagination and Inspiration  


There are countless ways to express ourselves creatively through music, visual art, and photography. In this lesson, Rana explores where to seek inspiration from, like traveling, nature and our our environment. She also talks about how to document and collect information repositioning  them into a design projects for the brands you are developing.

8- Handling Clients, the Process of Design and Cash Flow


Rana discusses securing clients, building relations with them and the best ways to source clients and work with them as designer as well as the challenges with client relationship and how to overcome them.

9- Pricing and the Art of Negotiating


Rana walks you through the best approach in defining your pricing strategy and how to maintain your creativity, integrity and handling with clients.

10- Merchandising: Rana Salam Shop  


After many years of her involvement in retail and fashion, Rana launched her own line of products selling her creations of home collection and accessories, art and prints and one of a kind objects. Rana shares her experience on how she built her own personal brand and leaned into merchandising to create her own products line.

11- Case Study Noura Street Food Libanais - Paris


In this lesson, Rana speaks about her work and experience with Noura Street Food Libanais and how she brought their vision to life. Rana’s studio got involved in the whole brand creation, from the interiors to the brand’s tone of voice.

12- Case Study Comptoir Libanais - London


Rana’s powerful sense of observation and insight into Middle Eastern popular culture gives her the edge to visually translate tastes and experiences for Comptoir Libanais. Rana walks you through her process of creating the brand’s visuals from packaging to wall graphics which contributed to the restaurant’s attraction and success.

13- Case Study: Bassam Fattouh


In this class, Rana talks about her experience in rebranding the Bassam Fattouh make up brand.

14- Case Study: Villa Moda/Boutique 1


In this class, Rana walks us through her  experience working for the Kuwaiti brand Villa Moda, now Boutique 1 which marked the beginning of her creative direction of merging Aran art and design into one> Rana’s individual style.

15- Inspiration Throughout the Years


In this lesson, Rana reveals her secrets of inspiration to her designs throughout the years! From vespas, lingerie and much more.

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We wanted to make PLAYBOOK accessible, and value driven. For 180$ Annually, you gain yearly access to all our amazing masterclasses led by inspirational change-makers and role models, monthly perks, any of our future updates, as well as exclusive access to our members-only online community of entrepreneurs and career professionals known as The Campus that has several valuable content and support systems.

After this class you’ll be able to…

Unleash your creative potential and produce designs that inspire and captivate audiences.
Craft a brand personality that reflects your unique style and sets you apart from the competition.
Learn how to create designs that resonate with people on a deep emotional level and leave a lasting impact.
Infuse your cultural heritage into your designs to create meaningful connections with people across the globe.
Draw  inspiration from the world's most breathtaking locations and incorporate their beauty into your artwork.
Build  strong relationships with clients  based on trust, respect, and effective communication.
Price  your designs appropriately and negotiate with clients to ensure everyone is happy with the final product.
Embrace  the ever-evolving design industry and stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and techniques.
Develop  your brand identity and collaborate with international brands to expand your reach and influence.
Utilize   web tools to refine your design skills and produce exceptional work that sets you apart from the competition.