Amal Dokhan

Explores The Investor Mindset

This class leads you through the Playbook of Amal Dokhan as she explores the investor mindset and zooms in on the investment process so you can map your investment strategy and attract the right investors for your business.

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Amal Dokhan

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2 hrs 8 min 12 sec (11 lessons)

Starting out as a High School Principal, Amal Dokhan is a seasoned professional with experience in startup investments, corporate innovation, and consulting in the MENA region. Prior to joining 500 Startups as a Partner (now 500 Global), Amal was the CEO of Global entrepreneurship Network GEN Saudi in Partnership with Monshaat; Managing Director of Babson Global for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Prince Mohammed Bin Salman College; Manager of Learning and Design at the Entrepreneurship Center at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST where she led the TAQADAM Acceleration and Corporate Innovation programs besides teaching in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course offered to master’s and PhD students at the university. She also worked in the KAUST Seed Fund developing marketing and events, while also providing a range of services to startup clients.

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Meet Amal Dokhan


This class leads you through the Playbook of Amal Dokhan as she explores investor mindset. Amal is a passionate professional in designing experiences, guiding corporates and startups to innovation and customer centric design, providing creative solutions, achieving mastery in service industry, manipulating the tools of marketing to evoke customers emotions. Throughout her career Amal gained a diversified range of experience in management and marketing related roles particularly in education and consultancy. Currently, Amal is part of the Entrepreneurship Center in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in a number of roles including the New Ventures Acceleration and Corporate Innovation program. In this class, she will zoom in on the investment process  from understanding the different types of investors, building your career, understanding the ecosystem and documentations so you can map your investment strategy and attract the right investors for your business

1. The Journey


Join us as we trace the phenomenal journey of Amal Dokhan from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Amal started out as a High School Principal and made her way into the roles of a Professor, Director, Consultant, CEO, Board Member and now Partner at 500 Global, a venture capital firm with more than $2.3 billion in assets under management that invests early in founders building fast-growing technology companies.

2. The World of Startup Investing


With growing momentum, the startup ecosystem in the MENA region is fast-emerging to be of high interest to investors regionally and globally. Commercially viable solutions to resolve a diverse range of problems in the region is leading to high interest in startups as they have the potential to reap high returns. Amal unpacks the world of startup investing in this lesson as we get started on our investment journey.

3. The Art of Angel Investing


Today there’s different ways to invest in Startups and different types of investors. Amal discusses the different ways in which you can invest in startups and draws your attention to Angel Investors in this lesson.

4. Venture Capital Investing


VC Firm 500 Global’s portfolio includes 41 companies valued at $1B+ and 125 companies valued at more than $100 million. As Partner at 500 Global, Amal explains what Venture Capital Investing is.

5. Building a Career as Partner at a VC


Amal Dokhan as Partner at 500 Global, overseeing MENA, shares what it takes to be Partner and the need for women partners in the MENA VC ecosystem.

6. Defining an Investment Strategy


Understanding how to make money investing in startups requires determining the right investment strategy that would serve you. It also enables you to add value to startups that are aligned with your goals, vision, and values. In this lesson, Amal unpacks the facets of identifying, defining, and diversifying your investment strategy.

7. Preparing for your First Startup Investment


In this lesson, Amal gets you into the mindset of evaluating the many startups that you may be approached by to identify the right one for you. Learn more about the process of researching, conversing with referrals in the ecosystem, getting to know the founders and conducting the necessary due diligence.

8. Investing in Female Founders


2.3% of Global VC Funding goes to women. Amal Dokhan discusses how VCs like 500 Global are focused on investing in more Female Founders and the importance of doing so as female investors.

9. Mapping the Investment Process: Capitalization Tables & Dilution


Amal guides you through the steps involved in the investment process so that you can be prepared with all the right documentation and resources. In this class, She explains the ownership rights when investing in a startups and the shares transferred to the investor and zooms in on  cap tables, valuation, priced rounds and dilution.

10. Analyzing Growth: Measuring Metrics


As an investor it is important to take note of the information, you’d need your startup founders to keep track of to measure their growth and therefore the growth of your investment. Amal goes a step further to also discuss how you as an investor can and must add value especially as a VC firm.

11. The Grand Exit


There are many strategic ways to plan your exit from a startup, as an investor. Amal shares insights on these exit strategies as you reap the returns on the investment you’ve made in the growing startup.

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Evaluate succession plans and planning ahead for future generations to carry forward the generational growth of the family business.
Eliminate misconceptions of women in family business and the roles they play.
Acquire an understanding of how to maintain and enhance family wealth.
Steer through family politics to find win-win solutions to serve the legacy of the family business.
Assess how to work with communities, create impact and build a legacy of your own.
Recognize the rights available to you and your children proactively
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Build your self-confidence and public persona to be a more effective leader.
Become a better, stronger, and more confident negotiator to build stronger business deals and partnerships.