HH Sayyida Basma Al Said

Explores Mental Health

This class leads you through the Playbook of Sayyida Basma Al Said as she explores mental health. She deep dives into her journey becoming a pioneer in raising awareness of mental health issues and for confronting taboo subjects in the Middle East.

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Sayyida Basma Al Said

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2 hrs 52 min 51 sec (14 lessons)

Sayyida Basma Al Said is on a mission to spread the word about the value of mental wellness. She employs every tool at her disposal while putting creativity and mindfulness first. Despite obtaining honors in recognition of her work in the field of mental health from the Honorable Lady, Wife of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, HH Sayyida Basma persisted in her mission to support those suffering from mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder. HH Sayyida Basma is a really cosmopolitan person who was born in the UK and educated and nurtured in Oman and other countries. She finished her undergraduate studies in Jordan before transferring to the US to pursue her education at Harvard and Michigan University. She graduated from Australia with a master's in health counseling. Sayyida Basma was born in the UK and educated and raised in Oman and other countries. She finished her undergraduate studies in Jordan before transferring to the US to pursue her education at Harvard and Michigan University. She graduated from Australia with a master's in health counseling.

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Meet Sayyida Basma Al Said


Meet HH Sayyida Basma Al-Said This class leads you through the playbook of HH Sayyida Basma AlSaid as she explores mental health.This class focuses on the different aspects that are designed to cater for your mental health and create more awareness for mental health in the region. It’s for women, mothers and anyone who wants to learn how to take care of their mental and emotional health as well as their family, child or a loved one. It talks about normalizing seeking help from a professional for those who may be experiencing difficulties at the workplace or at home by creating a healthy conscious environment.  

1. The Journey


Explore the journey of Sayyida Basma as she becomes an icon in the health sector, raising awareness and tackling mental health in the Arab region with creativity. Gain a deeper understanding of what does mental health and psychology mean to her and how she    started her own Mental health clinic.

2. Mental Health Demystified


The term mental health often has a negative connotation or is used interchangeably with mental illness . Sayyida Basma identifies mental health  and its importance in allowing us to cope with challenges, even good ones,  and demystifies what good mental health looks like and indicators when it's been comprised.

3. Mental Fitness &  Adopting a Growth Mindset


We all know the importance of physical fitness  for health , however, mental fitness is often overlooked. In this lesson, Sayyida Basma explains the do's and don'ts of keeping mentally fit, being flexible and adopting a growth mindset.

4. Mental Well-Being at the Workplace


Women continue to endure difficulties in the workplace in many aspects. Sayyida Basma walks us through why it’s important to have and create a positive mental health culture especially and how it helps us cope with changing roles and responsibilities. Not to mention, difficult challenges when wanting to grow in your career or start a family.

5. Moving from Autopilot to Mindfulness


It is easy to find  ourselves stuck, missing chances to grow ,experimenting and getting caught in a spiral of the mundane. Sayyida Basma teaches us how to achieve mindfulness and be present in the moment in order to take back control our lives and surroundings.

6. Positive Psychology: The Power of Thoughts


In this lesson, Sayyida Basma discusses how, when and why to practice affirmations and positive thoughts. It is one of the habits she personally adopted in her life and encourages her clients to try-out for their transformative impact on health and overcoming negative “self talk” by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

7. Finding the Right Clinic and  Mental Health Advisor


Deciding to see a mental health provider is a big step, and If you've never seen a mental health professional or have had a past negative experience with one, Sayyida Basma tells what to keep in mind while searching for the right mental health provider or clinic and how to assess the right one for you.

8. Relationships, Family and Mental health


All types of relationships play a central role in shaping an individual’s well-being across their life course. Poor mental health can affect relationships as well. Sayyida Basma highlights how the quality of relationships including social support can have a major impact on mental and emotional well-being.

9. Providing Support to Others


We all have someone in our life that we may find ourselves supporting in one way or another from time to time. Sayyida Basma directs you on how to provide support in a healthy balanced way.

10. Overcoming the Stigma of Therapy


Negative stigma about mental health symptoms or therapy services prevents many from seeking professional help.  Sayyida Basma is a big advocate of normalising speaking about mental health and destigmatizing getting help from professionals in the region. In this lesson, She will be tackling the different types of stigma and giving advice to overcome them.

11. Social Media and Detoxing


Scroll through social media feeds ,  can affect us consciously and subconsciously . Sayyida Basma talks about how common it is to have negative feelings toward our self-image, accomplishments and even political news. She guides us how to compact such issue and learn to position your social media to serve you positively.

12. Perseverance:  Giving Yourself Strength


Finding your strength could be a tricky when feeling overwhelmed by external or internal events Sayyida Basma guides you how to build resilience and mental strength.

13. Motherhood and Your Mental Health


Becoming a mother is a major life transition that can bring both joy and difficulty to a woman's life. A woman's identity and position shifts once she has a child, which can lead to an increase in mental.

14. Redefining Self-Care and Good Habits


Self-care is an important part of mental health and wellbeing; it's all about making time to look after yourself. Sayyida Basma teaches you what good self care habits look like.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

Determine how to handle stress and relate to others in order to make healthy choices.
Expand your knowledge of mental health around you at your home or work in order to have a more mental health-aware environment.
Eliminate the stigma around  mental health and talk about it with others to be able to normalise and seek help from professionals.
Create a positive mental health work culture to help you cope with juggling different responsibilities at work and in your personal life.
Maintain a healthy daily routine that is designed to cater to your mental health by practising healthy habits and gratitude.
Focus on mental health care to increase productivity, enhance your self-image, and improve relationships.
Gain an understanding that mental health is a priority and discover multiple resources to get efficient support from.
Harness the power of mental strength and resilience to be able to respond positively to change and adversity.
Recognize the signs and indications of good mental and emotional health to be able to assess yourself.
Invest in your wellbeing while navigating motherhood to better care for your family's mental health so you can be present and mindful.