Emaan Abbas

Explores Feminine Health and Wellness

This class leads you through the Playbook of Emaan Abbas as she explores feminine health and wellness. Emaan is the founder of the KETISH- a feminine and wellness brand that provides a safe space for women to embrace their feminine and intimate health. This class provides an unfiltered and honest conversation for women to become more confident, find the right resources and make the right choices for their bodies.

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Emaan Abbass

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3 hrs 16 min (13 lessons)

Emaan Abbass is the founder of KETISH - a feminine wellness and beauty brand which is seeking to revolutionise the industry with empowering products, expert advice and the creation of a strong and supportive female community. Emaan is a former product developer at Huda Beauty and later launched her own brand backed by Huda Beauty’s investments arm HB Investments. After her experience with cervical cancer and visits to gynecologists, Emaan realized how little education and understanding there was among women from all cultures and backgrounds around their reproductive health.

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Meet Emaan Abbass


This class leads you through the Playbook of Emaan Abbas as she explores feminine health and wellness. After spending four years developing incredible products whilst working at Huda Beauty, she followed her own passion and started her own venture KETISH. KETISH is a feminine and wellness brand seeking to revolutionize the industry by providing a safe space for women to embrace their feminine and intimate health. This class provides an unfiltered and honest conversation for women to embrace and become more confident in their own bodies.

1. Pursuing Passion and Becoming a Founder


Explore Emaan Abbas’s  inspirational journey as she pursues her passion and becomes a founder of a feminine wellness business KETISH. She started her career working at the retails cosmetics shop Sephora and later moving to Dubai to work with Huda Beauty that has opened up possibilities for her to follow her dreams. She shares her story battling with cancer and how that also inspired her passion for Feminine Wellness.

2. Getting Familiar with Your Body


Taking care of your health and wellbeing also relies on you understanding your body. Emaan breaks down different aspects of your body and your menstrual cycle that are vital to know. She explains how you can connect with your body and understand its needs.

3. Let’s Talk About It Comfortably: Creating a Safe Space


Sharing details about one’s body may be difficult for many but it’s a normal and important conversation. Emaan demonstrates how you can be comfortable to better communicate your body and needs to others while being confident about them. She encourages creating a safe space for women to be able to have open conversations and be given the freedom to advocate for their feminine wellness.

4. The Confidence Cycle: Connect To Your Figure


Emaan encourages building confidence and becoming more comfortable in your own skin and what that means for us.  She illustrates the different stages of confidence as you build it by connecting with your body and building a better relationship with it. She shares her tips on how to be more connected to your body and have a better relationship with it to encourage self-love.

5. Opening the Conversation: Breaking the Stigma


Menstruation is a common shared experience among all women and yet, it is a widely stigmatised issue. It is usually a topic that people feel uncomfortable talking about and is only talked about behind closed doors. Cultures around the world have placed a taboo on this topic and shy away from the conversation. Emaan emphasises on the importance of opening that conversation and breaking the stigma to empower women.

6. Being Kinder to Your Health


Everything that goes into your body can potentially impact it. Emaan explains how you can be conscious at different times of the month with your diet and the things you are consuming. She also directs you towards the right sources to look at to stay more informed and make better decisions about your body and avoid harming it.

7. The Self-Care Manual


In this class, Emaan emphasises the importance of taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. Many women tend to push themselves, especially during their menstruating time of the month and burn out. She explains the different things you can do from taking time off or slowing down to avoid overexertion and become more gentle with yourself.

8. Hygiene and Knowing Your Products


Feminine hygiene is an essential part of every woman's health and there are a wide range of products that are available for maintaining it. Emaan explains feminine hygiene and breaks down the different products you can be using. She demonstrates how you can be more conscious whilst choosing your products from reading labels, packaging, sustainability and more. She points you towards the right products you should be looking for when selecting.

9. Knowing Who to Speak to


Uncertainty and having little knowledge about your body may lead to becoming anxious about issues that come up. Finding someone that can answer these questions for you is important whether it’s a coach, therapist, doctor or more. Emaan emphasises on the importance of seeking guidance for issues that you don't understand to help you with your health journey and eliminate any uncertainty.

10. Creating a Period-Friendly Workplace


Menstrual symptoms are real and can have a great impact on the performance and mental health of employees. In this class, Emaan shares how corporates can accommodate women during their menstruation.

11. Tips to Keeping Track of Your Health


Keeping track of your cycle and feminine health is important to understanding your body and detecting any irregularities. Emaan shares the best tools and methods that you can check in with yourself and keep track of both your health and cycle.

12. Normalising Your Health Check-Ups


Health check-ups are a normal and significant part of people’s routine whereas Gynaecology check-ups are not as common. Feminine health should never be ignored and it should be a priority. Emaan advocates for the normalisation of visiting your gynaecologist and making it a part of your routine. This enables you to detect any early signs of diseases and overall better health of your body.

13. Advocating Body Positivity


Many women experience some form of negativity surrounding their bodies whether it is their periods of figures. People react negatively towards menstruation and it can be viewed as something dirty. Emaan opens the conversation about embracing  body positivity and being more confident in our own skin and how to react more positively towards these topics.

14. Becoming an Ally to Feminine Wellness


Many countries have progressively become more supportive of women’s feminine wellness and hygiene. Emaan sheds light around the topic of support from organisations and how they can better serve women. Different organisations like universities, corporates, governments and more can be more supportive of women’s needs and provide more access whether in the form of information or products. She explains how they can cater to the needs of women and how individuals can also be more supportive.

15. Welcoming Motherhood with Care and Embracing Changes


The body can go through different experiences and traumas in many forms whether it is childbirth, injuries or more. Understanding these changes helps individuals feel normal and more secure in their own body. Emaan demystifies these phases and changes are normal and many women go through them.

16. Social Media and Feminine Well-Being


Social media and our relationship with our feminine wellbeing can be complex. It’s a space where we can communicate and educate ourselves more openly but it is also a place where we can feel more self-conscious about our bodies. As the founder of a feminine wellbeing brand that has a large social media presence, Emaan points out how to make the best use of social media and avoid the harmful impacts of it.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

Recognize how to get in tune with your body to take better care of yourself.
Become confident in identifying your bodily needs and communicating with others to further create a safe space for women.
Overcome stigma surrounding femnine hygiene and periods and understand how to be more open in conversations about it.
Navigate and map out your ideal self-care manual and understand the importance of being vigilant with your physical and mental health.
Analyze the types of hygiene products available for women to understand where to look and what works best for you and your body.
Create a mindful and period-friendly workspace environment and delve into how it can make female employees more productive.
Understand different aspects of your menstrual cycle that are vital to know to maintain your health.
Source the right doctors, therapists and coach that will guide you in your health journey.
Identify the different ways you can support other women in their journey to become a better ally.
Improve your relationship with social media to better serve your mental and physical health.