Deena Al-Ansari

Explores Feminine Power and Scaling

This class leads you through the Playbook of Deena Al-Ansari, as she explores stepping into your feminine power and leveraging it to scale your business.

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Deena Al-Ansari

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2 hrs 55 min 22 sec (14 lessons)

Deena is an inspiring female that started off as a management trainee, and soon after she has successfully elevated her growth into embodying entrepreneurship by leading the BeautyCo, Spalinea & The Mobile Spa (Bahrain's first distributor of mobile spa products), and much more.

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Meet Deena Al-Ansari


This class leads you through the Playbook of Deena Al-Ansari, as she explores stepping into your feminine power and leveraging it to scale your business. As a prestigious award-winning businesswoman from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Deena has been awarded the Bahraini Female Entrepreneur Honor Seal and is a Board Member and Director at Bahrain Bourse. She has scaled her businesses (BeautyCo, Mobile Spa, Spalinea, JOOD) across the Middle East, successfully managed her family business (Al-Ansari Lighting Co) and mentored several entrepreneurs through professional leadership networks (EO Accelerator, YPO). In this class Deena shares insight through her real-world experience as she discovered feminine power and how she has embraced it to be in a state of flow.

1. Pivoting from Banker to Entrepreneur


Explore the story of Deena Al-Ansari as she takes her career to different heights with her work ethic and journeyed through various successes from working in a bank to managing a family business and being a board member in Bahrain Bourse. Gain an insight into how she brought innovative ideas to Bahrain and being the first to establish a mobile spa and scaling it across the region.

2. Discovering Feminine Energy


Deena takes you through the first steps she took to discover the world of feminine energy that gave her access to her powerful self and professional development tools that also helped her business thrive.

3. Embodying your Flow


A woman in her flow is a woman heading towards her untapped potential and becoming a strong, powerful, successful and abundant woman in business. Deena illustrates what it is like to be in the flow and how to embody it to unlock your potential and grow your business.

4. Stepping into Feminine Power


The feminine energy is a powerful tool that when harnessed can become one of your biggest assets. Many women rely on their masculine energy primarily in the workspace and learning how to balance those is essential. Deena explains how she balanced both energies to bring her business more abundance.

5. Take the Fear Out of Scaling


Scaling your business can seem daunting at first, however with the right knowledge and infrastructure you will be able to. Deena explains the fundamentals of scaling that will give you the courage to take a leap and expand your business.

6. Being in Flow: Surrender, Attachment, and Resistance


In the business world, there will be a lot of moments where one has to make a choice whether to hold on to something by resisting or letting go in surrender. Sometimes being attached to things will not be beneficial and will lead to moving backwards rather than forward. Deena talks about the importance of surrendering to your business and when to resist.

7. Honoring Yourself: Self-Love and Personal Well-Being


Self-love comes in many shapes and forms. Focusing your energy on self-love and practices that will help enhance your well-being is pivotal for your success in business. Deena talks about what self-love means to her personally and her practices to balance it.

8. Feel Your Feelings


Our emotional complexities are what drives us, embracing them is one of the strongest tools we can possess. Deena talks about how feeling your emotions and embracing them is an important element of your success professionally and personally.

9. Judgement and Cultivating Compassion and Forgiveness


In this class, Deena talks about her relationship with judgement and how that also impacts her relationship with others around her. She discusses how tapping into herself has enabled her to move away from that state of judgement and have a more positive outlook.

10. A Team You Align With


Deena discusses the importance of having a reliable and capable team that would ensure an effective scaling process. One you embrace your flow, your process of having a team you can align with and that will help you build your business to success would become easier.

11. Negotiating With Abundance and Love


Negotiating is a big aspect of leading and scaling a business and having the right strategy when negotiating can offer leverage. Deena explains her strategy of negotiating with a love and abundance mindset that helped her get the best results.

12. Embracing Your Intuition  in Sales


Deena explains how intuitions and intentions play a big role in the sales process and how she leverages them to enhance her sales and grow the business.

13. Connecting With Partners


Working with partners can be complex but it also has its perks that would elevate the business. Deena shares her experience of working with different business partners and how she connects with them so the business can thrive.

14. Creating Abundance:  Bliss Brings More Bliss


Deena talks about what it means to be in flow and draw pleasure from everything around you. Being in this state of bliss will bring more abundance to you and attract more business.

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We wanted to make PLAYBOOK accessible, and value driven. For 180$ Annually, you gain yearly access to all our amazing masterclasses led by inspirational change-makers and role models, monthly perks, any of our future updates, as well as exclusive access to our members-only online community of entrepreneurs and career professionals known as The Campus that has several valuable content and support systems.

After this class you’ll be able to…

Understand the different aspects of feminine power to be able to tap into it.
Practice unlocking your potential by embodying your flow to grow personally and professionally.
Embrace your emotions and feel them to give yourself space to be more focused.
Recognize the ways you can connect with partners to be able to have a dynamic that serves both sides.
Harness your feminine power and your strengths that can serve you in your business.
Prepare yourself and your business for growth to eliminate fear and scale confidently.
Identify when to surrender attachment and resistance to avoid moving backward.
Focus your energy on honoring yourself and embracing your authenticity to drive value to your business.
Mastering your negotiation strategy to bring more abundance and thrive.
Embrace your intuition and alignment with your sales to make the right investments.