Rana Salam


Graphic Design & Creative Expression.

This class leads you through the PLAYBOOK of Rana Salam as she explores Graphic Design & Creative Expression. She gives insight on how to stand out as a graphic designer, source clients, and negotiate with them.

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About this Masterclass

Instructor Name

Rana Salam

Total Runtime

3 hrs 29 min (15 lessons)

Rana Salam’s journey began after leaving Beirut during the civil war to pursue her BA in Graphic Design at Central St. Martins and has since become a well-established Graphic Designer in the GCC and globally. She worked with renowned brands like Harvey Nichols and Liberty of London while being featured in prestigious magazines like Harper's Bazaar. Through her captivating designs, she shows the power of cultural expression through her signature style by mixing pattern, color, and image to evoke emotions and capture the viewer's attention.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

your creative potential and produce designs that inspire and captivate audiences.
a brand personality that reflects your unique style and sets you apart from the competition.
how to create designs that resonate with people on a deep emotional level and leave a lasting impact.
your cultural heritage into your designs to create meaningful connections with people across the globe.
inspiration from the world's most breathtaking locations and incorporate their beauty into your artwork.
strong relationships with clients based on trust, respect, and effective communication.
your designs appropriately and negotiate with clients to ensure everyone is happy with the final product.
the ever-evolving design industry and stay ahead of the curve with new technologies and techniques.
your brand identity and collaborate with international brands to expand your reach and influence.
web tools to refine your design skills and produce exceptional work that sets you apart from the competition.