Hanan Al-Haifi


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

This class leads you through the PLAYBOOK of Hanan Al Haifi as she explores the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Hanan works closely with local and international businesses of various sizes and sectors to develop their digital marketing content strategies, as well as, rebranding and launching new campaigns. This class provides you with the different tools and tactics to create creative content marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition and sales and more

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About this Masterclass

Instructor Name

Hanan Al-Haifi

Total Runtime

2 hrs 6 min 55 sec (14 lessons)

Hanan Al-Haifi works closely with local and international businesses of various sizes and sectors like Nandos and Robertson Hotels to develop their digital marketing strategy , go-to-market launch planning, and content planning frameworks. She regularly hosts digital marketing masterclasses and offer bespoke training groups as well as 1:1 training for teams. She uses the experience of starting her own podcast (Banat Alyoum) to help numerous other podcasts launch in the MENA region and support personals and business brands turn their podcasting ideas into a reality.

When will Playbook launch?

We’re accepting early bird registrations. We look forward to welcoming you to the PLAYBOOK ACADEMY and engaging with you in The Campus.

How much does it cost to Get PLAYBOOK?

We wanted to make PLAYBOOK accessible, and value driven. For 180$ Annually, you gain yearly access to all our amazing masterclasses led by inspirational change-makers and role models, monthly perks, any of our future updates, as well as exclusive access to our members-only online community of entrepreneurs and career professionals known as The Campus that has several valuable content and support systems.

After this class you’ll be able to…

your customers and what matters to them in order to build your own tribe and community of devoted followers.
a team of powerful marketers and content creators to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.
how to convert leads into customers by developing a relationship with them and earning their trust.
creative content marketing tactics to increase brand recognition and sales.
multiple types of media and tools and incorporate them into your marketing strategies.
personalised campaigns to connect with people and engage them at every stage of the buyer's journey.
the power of popular trends in real-time by taking advantage of consumer responses to current events, trends, topics and technologies.
your lead conversion rate and quality by improving your communication.
the clients’ vision and needs in order to execute them effectively.
how to work with a marketing budget and allocate one that is appropriate for you to better strategize.