Enas Asiri


Explores The A-Player Mindset

This masterclass is designed to cultivate participants with the mindset and skills of an A-player in leadership and team management.

MAsterclass Details

About this Masterclass

Instructor Name

Enas Asiri

Total Runtime

2 hrs 44 min (13 lessons)

Enas Asiri, is the Chief Executive Officer at Bahrain National Life Assurance (@bnl_insurance ) - Bahrain National Life Assurance Company B.S.C. is a Bahrain based company specializing exclusively in providing a wide range of life and medical insurance products and services for businesses & individuals! Beginning as a straight-A student, Enas pursued her education with dedication and hard work, earning a BSC through a scholarship. Today, her efforts have led her to the position of CEO at BNL, a highly respected insurance company in Bahrain. Through her experiences, she gained valuable knowledge and skills that have allowed her to excel in the field of business leadership. As CEO, Enas is committed to continued growth and development, both for herself and for the company, as they strive to provide our clients with exceptional service and innovative solutions.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

Peak Performance
by consistently striving to achieve your best and surpass your own expectations.
Success and Recognition
by standing out in your field and are sought after for your expertise and contributions.
Continuous Improvement
by actively seeking feedback, embracing challenges, and viewing failures as learning opportunities, leading to personal and professional growth.
Being Resilient
in maintaining a positive attitude, persevere in the face of adversity, and adapt to changing circumstances.
Strong Work Ethic
to willingly put in the necessary time, effort, and dedication to achieve outstanding results.
Goal Orientated
in having a strong desire to achieve and are highly motivated to make progress and accomplish your objectives.
Focus and Disciplined
in prioritizing tasks effectively, managing your time efficiently, and avoiding distractions, enabling you to stay on track and deliver high-quality outcomes.
Proactive Problem-Solving
that helps anticipate challenges, identify potential issues, and develop effective strategies to address them.
Effective Communication
to actively work on improving your interpersonal skills.
Leadership Potential
to inspire and motivate others with your dedication, integrity, and strong work ethic.