Emaan Abbass


Feminine Health and Wellness

This class leads you through the Playbook of Emaan Abbas as she explores feminine health and wellness. Emaan is the founder of the KETISH- a feminine and wellness brand that provides a safe space for women to embrace their feminine and intimate health. This class provides an unfiltered and honest conversation for women to become more confident, find the right resources and make the right choices for their bodies.

MAsterclass Details

About this Masterclass

Instructor Name

Emaan Abbass

Total Runtime

3 hrs 16 min (16 lessons)

Emaan Abbass is the founder of KETISH - a feminine wellness and beauty brand which is seeking to revolutionise the industry with empowering products, expert advice and the creation of a strong and supportive female community. Emaan is a former product developer at Huda Beauty and later launched her own brand backed by Huda Beauty’s investments arm HB Investments. After her experience with cervical cancer and visits to gynecologists, Emaan realized how little education and understanding there was among women from all cultures and backgrounds around their reproductive health.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

how to get in tune with your body to take better care of yourself.
confident in identifying your bodily needs and communicating with others to further create a safe space for women.
stigma surrounding feminine hygiene and periods and understand how to be more open in conversations about it.
and map out your ideal self-care manual and understand the importance of being vigilant with your physical and mental health.
the types of hygiene products available for women to understand where to look and what works best for you and your body.
a mindful and period-friendly workspace environment and delve into how it can make female employees more productive.
different aspects of your menstrual cycle that are vital to know to maintain your health.
the right doctors, therapists and coach that will guide you in your health journey.
the different ways you can support other women in their journey to become a better ally.
your relationship with social media to better serve your mental and physical health.