Dr. Fatima Al-Balooshi


Thriving in Government

Dr. Fatima Al-Balooshi invites you to explore thriving in the government sector, as she is the longest-serving female minister in the Kingdom of Bahrain. In this lesson, you will learn about how to negotiate, win allies, and build with a purposeful vision.

MAsterclass Details

About this Masterclass

Instructor Name

Dr. Fatima Al-Balooshi

Total Runtime

2 hrs 10 min 5 sec (10 lessons)

Dr. Fatima was the Kingdom of Bahrain’s longest-serving female minister, and the first minister to simultaneously oversee three portfolios – Social Development, Health and Human Rights. She was the Minister of Social Development and was the former acting Minister of Health of Bahrain. She was awarded the Bahrain Medal (First Degree) by HM the King of Bahrain. She presently serves as the CEO of White Palm and Chairman of Bahrain Trust Foundation. She is a passionate humanitarian and an active advocate for women’s rights and community empowerment. Forbes named her the fourth most influential woman in government in the Middle East.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

the key elements of dealing with royalty and other dignitaries.
ministerial roles & be motivated to serve in government.
a clear path to leadership and make your mark.
purpose within your governmental role to drive impact.
how to win allies & work with difficult colleagues/management.
relationships and leverage them to network successfully.
an abundance mentality that supports physical, mental and emotional growth to establish better work-life balance.
no’(s) to ‘yes’ to manage obstacles in implementing new ideas and change.
a blueprint or action plan for growth as you climb up the career ladder even when navigating motherhood.
people while being humble and empathetic to rally team support and step up as a leader