Ameena Bucheeri


Early-Stage Fundraising

This class leads you through the Playbook of Ameena Bucheeri, as she explores how she navigated early-stage fundraising and how you can too. This class teaches you everything you need to know about an early stage startup, what to do and what to avoid.

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About this Masterclass

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Ameena Bucheeri

Total Runtime

1 hrs 48 min 7 sec (11 lessons)

Having started out as a Career Professional, Ameena made a major career switch after getting certified as an English Educator in Athens and started her first EdTech startup (Telp now pivote to Raed) from her bedroom. She bootstrapped her way towards effective fundraising tactics and grew her business to scale into the Saudi market. She raised a pre-seed from Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist Firms from 4 countries. She also holds the role of Outreach and Partnerships Manager of Hope Ventures W.L.L. that is focused on empowering and investing in the next generation of promising entrepreneurs

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After this class you’ll be able to…

your Fundraising Goal to map out a clearer Fundraising Strategy.
the importance of bootstrapping as an early-stage entrepreneur to better manage your finances and team-build.
the research needed to build out your business plan, term sheets, deal room and other communication requirements to begin engaging with investors.
a winning pitch deck with a stronger outline to gain higher consideration for your business idea.
the art of pitching your business to potential investors to gain interest and buy-in.
tactical tips for fundraising as a woman to be more confident when answering challenging investor questions
the emotions of Fundraising as an early-stage entrepreneur and explore approaches to strengthen your mindset and resilience to drive results.
what VCs and Angel Investors are each looking for from early-stage entrepreneurs to prepare accordingly for discovery calls.
better deals for your startup at this stage to be able to leverage stronger deals during future rounds of funding.
the importance of mentorship, advisory and partnership guidance to build out your business and learn from other experts.