Amal Al Kooheji


Climbing the Corporate Ladder

This class leads you through the Playbook of Amal Kooheji as she explores climbing the corporate ladder.

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About this Masterclass

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Amal Al Kooheji

Total Runtime

2 hrs 29 min 51 sec (16 lessons)

Amal is a leader with great passion for creating change, who has been recognized as a brilliant strategist , a forward thinker and has a notable record of delivering outstanding results in human development. She started as a language trainer and program coordinator and made her way up the top of the corporate ladder to lead multiple companies. One of the biggest roles she has taken on has left an impact years after her retirement was the COO of Tamkeen the biggest semi-government establishment in Bahrain , a leading reform institution in Bahrain mandated to create change and economic progress.where she was able to train and help fund more than 110,000 Bahraini individuals and 45,000 Bahraini ventures successfully. Contributing to many policy-making national committees, boards, and regional panels.

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After this class you’ll be able to…

effective communication skills to create harmony in the workplace
more effective strategies to resolve and mediate conflicts in the workplace.
opportunities for yourself that unlocks your full potential as an impactful leader.
how to stand out in the workplace and earn recognition to land the promotion .
effectively with your employees and lead with empathy for outstanding productivity and high performance
strong relationships with co-worker that will help elevate your success and the organization's.
a strong relationship with your manager that can act as a bridge to your success and your organization.
a strong relationship with your manager that can act as a bridge to your success and your organization.
how to continuously seek knowledge and keep with the demands of the corporate world.
effective and productive teams by understanding different generation’s needs (Gen Z, millennials, etc..)